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In 1929, NV Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouwerijen was first established in Medan, with a brewery in Surabaya. In 1936 the company’s seat was moved to Surabaya and in that same year Heineken NV became a major shareholder. In 1951 the company’s name was changed to Heineken’s Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouwerijen Maatschappij N.V. Several name changes later. In 1981 the company went public and it became known as PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk (MBI).
A key brewer in the country, MBI produces markets and sells Indonesia's favourite Bir Bintang, the international premium brand Heineken, Guinness stout as well as the non-alcoholic drinks Green Sands, Recharge and Bintang Zero.



We believe in the future TIV ( a subsidiary of Danone SA ), as a manufacturer and distributor of bottled water with brand name of Aqua and wil focus in production and business development and gradually release or divest their own distributionarm which serve in certain area.

We have been intensively approaching TIV to obtain Jabotabek area which still serves by TIV . TIVÕs annual sales in this area is approx Rp 500 billion. we have strong confidence that at least 30% (Rp 150 billion) of this area will be awarded to BSR group by Q4 2009



Many of UniliverÕs (ULI) distributor are facing operational and financial problem. we believe that ULI is considering to terminate those under perform distributor. we will focus our development to enter central Java-North area and West JavaÕs market then followed to East Java and Bali.

In 2009 we hope that sragen area will be terminated from existing distributor then new distributor will be appointed by Q4 2009



Patra Trading (Patra) is one of Pertamina's group of companies which engage in trading and distribution of LPG. patra has been awarded as new National LPG agent and APPBE operator (LPG filling station) especailly for 3 kg

We have been intensively approaching Patra to obtain sub-agent for North and East Jakarta areas. Estimated annual sales in this area is approximately Rp 15 billion. BSR has strong confidence these areas will be awarded to BSR Group by Q1 2009



It started from a big invention in Japan, in 1908; Dr. Kikunae Ikeda found the source of savory taste extracted from seaweed stock (kombu). The savory taste has then been called umami. A year later, seasoning which is the source of umami was produced with a brand name AJI-NO-MOTO®. Up until today, AJI-NO-MOTO® has been used worldwide by almost over 100 regions and countries for 100 years



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